Web Design for an argentinian bakery in USA

Client: Tina’s Bakery      I      Year: 2022      I      United States


Tina’s Bakery is a company co-created by two Argentines, Agostina and Valentina, living in Utah, United States. In a pandemic, they found themselves wanting to create their own business using their grandmothers’ recipes and love for Argentine food. This is how Tina’s Bakery was born, a place where they create empanadas of different flavors, cakes and desserts from scratch. After the pandemic they decided to set up a venue, where they also hold social and business events.

They came to Quira.co looking to improve their digital presence, giving us the challenge of creating a site that would communicate their love for food, the essence of Tina’s and invite anyone who browses it to be tempted by their products.

Searching for the visual style

Flows and Navigability

UI elements