Designing a New Identity: Brand Experience

Client:  Quadlux   I      Year: 2024     I      Argentina/Estados Unidos


Quadlux is an Employer of Record (EOR) company, which means it handles human resources and administrative aspects outsourced for companies looking to expand beyond their borders. In this case, it provides its services to US-based companies seeking expansion into England.

Julieta and her team approached with an already established brand that did not reflect the identity they desired for their company. Thus began a 4-month process in which we redesigned their identity and created a website that would serve as a strong introduction for future clients.

Design Process: Beginnings

Our initial phase in the process always involves understanding both the client’s needs and the project itself. In this case, the client had an initial vision for the brand but felt something was missing. Therefore, we began by conducting a thorough analysis of their current brand to understand both its strengths and weaknesses. Next, we conducted a competitive analysis within the sector to identify the best approach to take.


logo anterior



The Q will be the main letter of the sign

We opted for the JUST Sans font due to its solid and firm terminations, marked enough for the “tail” of the Q to visually resemble the intersection between the Q and the L. However, the resulting termination of this overlap was rough and somewhat grotesque, so specific adjustments were made to ensure that the Q maintains its strength and can function both independently and in conjunction with the full name, ensuring adequate legibility.

UX Design before moving into UI Design

Once the new branding was approved, we began collaborating with Julieta and her team to develop content and shape the user experience within the website. The first deliverable consisted of wireframes, which allowed us to assess the structure and navigability of the site.

Implementation: Tools Used

The final phase involves implementing the site, in this case using WordPress. As usual, we employed the Elementor Pro plugin, which streamlines the creation of dynamic websites. Furthermore, this approach allows us to grant clients full control over their site without the need for programming knowledge.