Website with latinamerican identity for nutritional drinks' new market

Client: Beliv Company     l      Year: 2021      I      Latinamerica


Beliv Company is a company focused on the development of new nutritional drinks for Latin America. Its products are young, risky and daring, but they are also based on a search that prioritizes a fresh look at the beverage market.

They arrived at with a website that did not correctly communicate the company’s values and our task was to find those visual differentials that represent what Beliv is. They were looking for a website that communicated their identity, that was designed for a Latin American audience and that would break away from their previous proposal. The result left us very satisfied! We share part of this process.

Research on the problem

UX proposal

We propose a header that communicates, through the image (photos or videos) that Beliv is an environmentally conscious company and also shows that its products use natural ingredients.

In turn, it is a way to begin to empathize with those who may be talents for the company.

Reinforce the image with the phrase “magic is in nature”.

We believe it is important, and of great interest for future talent, to understand that behind each product there are people or sometimes even a community.

Information could be included that tells and shows that context, as well as what the location is on the map.

From wireframes to UI design