Designing a new real estate web experience

Client:  Baigun Realty   I      Year: 2024     I      Argentina


Baigun Realty is a company with over 70 years of experience in the real estate market of Buenos Aires. In 2023, they sought to revolutionize the experience of how to think about and sell properties, changing their identity and adopting the slogan “reinventing the real estate.”

They approached with the need to design a website that would accompany their new identity and with the objective of creating a new web experience in the real estate industry.

Design Process: Beginnings

As in all our projects, we began with an analysis to understand the specific needs of the project, conducting a survey of references both nationally and internationally in the field.

After working for 3 months on designing the user experience (UX) in collaboration with Baigun Realty’s marketing team, we created wireframes that would serve as the initial structure of the website.

UI Design: Optimizing the Graphic Elements

The next step involved initiating the User Interface (UI) Design process. We used the branding material provided by Baigun Realty as a starting point while striving to design elements that would enrich the experience for those using the website.

Implementation: Tools Used