UI Kit design for information digitization platform

Client:  Addoc   I      Year: 2023      I      Argentina


Addoc is a company that offers products for information digitization and safeguarding. They came to Quira.co through another agency, which means that this time it is not a direct client but an outsourced project. Therefore, our work was focused on the analysis and UX-UI design of 5 of their products. We analyzed communication, navigability, and functionality, and designed a renewed and functional interface. The entire design was also systematized so that it could be applied to the company’s other digital products through what we call a UI Kit.

A user interface kit is a set of files that contains critical user interface components such as fonts, layered design files, icons, color palettes, and component usage.

User interface kits can be quite simple with just a few buttons and design components, or extremely robust with switches that change fonts, colors, and shapes on the fly.