Landing page that works to fight climate change by planting trees

Client: Sprout     l      Year: 2021      I      Denmark


Sprout is an APP that from Copenhagen, Denmark, works to counteract climate change
The objective of the application is that whoever uses it joins the fight against climate change through a specific action: planting trees.
We started the work in the midst of the outbreak of the global pandemic and the first thing was to investigate how the current context is changing people’s attitudes towards the environment in general and towards deforestation or the carbon footprint in particular. Covid-19 led a large part of humanity to pause and think about the future of forests, and it is in this context that Sprout emerges.
We worked on a design that would focus on the problem from a renewed, luminous perspective, that accompanies actions that add up, that invite us to be part of it and to think about the future in times where the urgent was more present than ever.

Research on the problem

Wireframes and navigability

From Wireframes to UI Design