Designing ourselves: graphic system of

Year: 2020      I      Argentina


Our visual identity is as mutant as we are. We change a lot and all the time. The movement and plasticity of forms is part of our identity as much as the synchronicity and synergy that we have when we work as a team.

This is the world that the illustrations designed by @florenciamarino came to incorporate into our design system. Illustration for us is that element that speaks without words, that tells what lies behind, the depths of our multiverse filter into our graphic identity in its entirety and, very especially, in this system of illustrations that we are sharing with you today.

Style research


Line + Planes
Black and white + Color




Style Design

Illustrations for Web

Design of representative illustrations of each of the services offered by Quira

Illustrations icons

Instagram profile

Team illustration

Design of self-portrait illustrations of each member of the team.