Designing the identity of a 100% natural product

Cliene:  Mylenaria  I      year: 2022/2023     I      Argentina


Thousands of years ago, various cultures found in nature the necessary resources for bodily well-being. With the industrial revolution and technological advances, humanity began to rely on the creation of artificial products, moving away from nature.

Recently, we have started to explore ancestral knowledge again and reconnect with the natural world. From this return emerges Mylenaria, a brand that offers natural alternatives, using authentic ingredients and the power of cannabis.

They reached out to to accompany them in the creative branding process for the brand, including the design of their product packaging.

Design Process: beginnings

When Mylenaria approached, they only had a name. As with all our projects, we began with an in-depth analysis of the business objectives and the vision of the people behind the brand. We conducted market research and defined the target audience, understanding their needs and preferences. To visually capture this, we used keywords derived from the name, which helped us define the concept that would guide the branding in all its communication. Our team worked on creating a coherent and attractive visual identity, ensuring that every element, from the logo to the packaging, reflected the values and essence of Mylenaria.


The well-being of nature within your reach. Sharing nature does us good.

Branding: Creation Process

Once the strategic framework for the brand was defined, we began working on its identity. The goal was to create a coherent and attractive image that would differentiate the brand from its competitors and establish an emotional connection with its target audience. We selected an impactful typography for the logo, conveying strength and modernity, and chose a color palette that evokes nature and the natural. Additionally, we developed complementary visual elements that reinforce the brand identity across all touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and memorable presence in the market.


We use illustrations as visual elements that reinforce the identity and add a distinctive touch to our communications and brand materials. These illustrations are strategically employed to create consistency and recognition across various applications, both digital and printed.

Labels and packaging

In the design of labels and packaging for Mylenaria, we focused on creating a presentation that reflects the natural and authentic essence of the brand. Each label was carefully designed to be visually appealing and clearly communicate the benefits and properties of the products. We used sustainable materials and textures that evoke a connection with nature, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to well-being and sustainability. Graphic and typographic elements were selected to ensure readability and consistency, while visual details such as botanical illustrations and organic patterns provide a distinctive and elegant touch. The result is packaging that not only protects and preserves the product but also delights and resonates with consumers, creating a memorable brand experience from the first encounter.