Designing identity to accompany audiovisual education

Client:  Mirada Austral    I      Year: 2024     I      Argentina


In southern Patagonia, students of Audiovisual Communication at the National University (UNPA) face significant challenges accessing higher education due to the lack of academic programs, distance from major study centers, shortage of professional instructors, and adverse weather conditions.

To offer an alternative to these obstacles, a group of students established the Audiovisual Club Mirada Austral. Their goal is to foster creativity and learning outside formal academic settings. With support from professionals and collaboration within the community, this club aims to promote audiovisual communication in the region, providing a space for creation, expression, and education.

Design process: beginnings

The first step was to propose a name that expressed the conceptual proposal of the club and visually represented the identity characteristics of the group. Next, it was time to create a distinctive logo that reflected the essence and values of the project.

The name “Mirada Austral” is evocative and significant for several reasons:

  1. Geographical Context: “Austral” refers to the south, emphasizing the club’s geographical location in the Patagonian region, known for its natural beauty and its position at the southern tip of the continent. This can attract the local community interested in Patagonian culture and environment.
  2. Perspective and Focus: The word “Mirada” (meaning “gaze” or “look”) suggests a particular view or perspective. In the audiovisual context, it implies a unique way of seeing and representing the world through visual arts. This is ideal for a club focused on creative expression through visual media.

Dissemination and communication

To establish a coherent and professional presence that facilitates communication and promotion of its activities, we created a versatile and adaptable graphic system. This graphic material will also serve for presentations, workshops, talks, and future screenings.


As the main centerpiece, we developed a fanzine to distribute at events and fairs, highlighting the club’s activities and projects. The piece underscores the club’s role in promoting education and personal development in a region facing unique challenges, emphasizing the role of community support and creativity in overcoming these obstacles.

Para ver y descargar el FANZINE completo es por acá

Supporting education

A group of Audiovisual Communication students decided to create an alternative to the academic environment: the Audiovisual Club Mirada Austral. They had the motivation, ideas, and drive, but they lacked a visual identity and communication strategy. That’s where we came in to collaborate.