A WebApp design to automate processes in a family business

Client: Mente & Cuerpo    l      Year: 2019-2020      I      Argentina


Mente & Cuerpo began as a family business providing advice, accompaniment and professional support services in nutrition. What began in excel files and linked to human and personalized treatment found limits with the growth of the company. It was then that they sought our services to develop the app that brings solutions to their communication and business organization problems.

The need to have a tool that would allow M&C to automate some processes that they did manually, made them contact Quira.co in search of a digital solution. Our work, as always, began by defining user profiles and context. Starting from the person, we prefigure the route that user took to communicate with the company, at that time manually, through Whatsapp, Mail, Telephone; and we designed a webapp that facilitates each instance of contact, achieving a better experience.

Wireframe proposal

Navigation flow design

WebApp and Dashboard UI Design

Video made by Gato Audiovisual