Visual identity design system for digital products

Client: Sistran      I      Latinamerica


Sistran is a global company specialized in providing software solutions to 18 countries and more than 100 insurers. They achieve this by integrating AI into the architecture and development of digital solutions, achieving safe and fast products in solving tasks.
Sistran Digital is the business unit of the group whose objective is the construction of these digital solutions. Our task is to accompany its growth by adding our vision and work from the UX/UI design.

In this case, we designed the Design System that accompanies us throughout the entire project, with its components and screens. The challenge consisted of organizing, designing components that are reused throughout the web and Sistran Digital products.


Color palette


Text Field


Diseñamos cards 100% editables, que cumplen con las funciones requeridas por el cliente, pensando en la experiencia del usuario y teniendo en cuenta la estética general del sistema

Available in desktop and mobile version

The users, represented

We use 100% editable vector illustrations that are friendly and empathetic to whoever is using the product. They also put in context and help to visualize the information quickly without having to read.